Weather Resistant Exterior Panels

The industry's most practical solution for outdoor noise control

Weather Resistant Exterior Panels

MBI Weather Resistant Exterior Acoustical Panels are intended for outdoor applications such as amphitheaters, pavilions, amusement facilities, noise enclosures, and transportation noise barriers.

Sound traveling at 730 miles per hour will reflect and ricochet off hard surfaces producing excessive reverberation (echo) within the space. Extensive testing has shown that MBI Weather Resistant Exterior Panels reduce reverberation times by 1/2 to 5 seconds and sound intensity levels 2 to 12 decibels.

Made with durable Cypress exterior fabric, these panels will withstand the elements and the effects of excessive temperature changes.

These highly effective acoustical products are Class "A", lightweight, cost efficient, and easy to install.

Product Offerings

Description Construction Finish Suspension NRC SKU  

Weather-Resist Lapendary 4", 1.65# Sewn MBI Cypress Exterior Fabric Stiffener 0.95 5000W-4065-S Briefcase
Weather-Resist Lapendary 2", 1.65# Sewn MBI Cypress Exterior Fabric (Perf 1 Side) Stiffener 0.85 5000WP-2065-S Briefcase
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Case Studies MBI Lapendary Panels were installed at the Butler University Hinkle Fieldhouse, which helped reduce the +6.0 reverberation down to manageable levels.

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