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Ceiling Tiles

MBI Blackout Tiles are ideal for any ceiling where you need maximum sound absorption at a cost-effective price. The matte black finish has very little sheen, making the ceiling disappear. Perfect for home theaters and cinemas.

MBI Whiteout Tiles are an eco-friendly, pure white ceiling tile offering good acoustics with an environmentally sustainable design. Get your green points here.

MBI Fabric Faced Ceiling Tiles offer a full palette of patterns and colors (link Guilford binder here) with an Ecose friendly core. The fabric finish is 100% recycled polyester, further enhancing its green qualities.

MBI Nubby-Faced Ceiling Tiles are a traditional classic, used for decades in the ceiling industry. Offered in small-run quantities and custom sizes.

MBI PVC-Faced Ceiling Tiles are a cost-effective solution when color is essential to your project. The PVC facing comes in 10 colors to suit your design needs.

MBI PVC Encapsulated Tiles are ideal for all of your clean and high humidity environments. Also see our San Pan line.

The entire line of MBI ceiling tile products is dimensionally stable, market friendly, and designed to last a lifetime. They offer excellent acoustics at economical prices.

Product Offerings

Description Construction Finish Suspension NRC SKU  

San Pan PVC 1", 6-7# Heat Sealed PVC Film Lay-In Grid 0.8 6000PE-1060-N Briefcase
Blackout 1", 6-7# Faced Black Matte Scrim Lay-In Grid 1.05 6000B-1060-N Briefcase
Blackout 2", 6-7# Faced Black Matte Scrim Lay-In Grid 1.05 6000B-2060-N Briefcase
Fabric 1", 6-7# Faced Fabric Lay-In Grid 0.9 6000F-1060-N Briefcase
Fabric 2", 6-7# Faced Fabric Lay-In Grid 0.9 6000F-2060-N Briefcase
Nubby 1", 6-7# Faced White Nubby Fiberglass Cloth Lay-In Grid 0.9 6000N-1060-N Briefcase
Nubby 2", 6-7# Faced White Nubby Fiberglass Cloth Lay-In Grid 1.05 6000N-2060-N Briefcase
PVC 1", 6-7# Faced PVC Film Lay-In Grid 0.8 6000P-1060-N Briefcase
PVC 2", 6-7# Faced PVC Film Lay-In Grid 0.9 6000P-2060-N Briefcase
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Case Studies MBI Lapendary Panels were installed at the Butler University Hinkle Fieldhouse, which helped reduce the +6.0 reverberation down to manageable levels.

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