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More detailed information on MBI's line of acoustical products can be found by entering our online catalog. Each product is broken down to include technical data, finishes and color choices, CAD Drawings and Installation Details, specifications, and photographs.

Cloud-Lite® Acoustical Baffles

Spectrum Acoustical Panels

Lapendary® Panels

Low Emissivity Lapendary

GreenLine® Acoustical Products

Weather Resistant Exterior Panels

Mirage Wall and Ceiling Panels

Masquerade DESCOR©

Colorsonix® Wall Panels

Colorsonix® Floater Panel

Ceiling Tiles

San Pan® Sanitary Panels

Shadow-Coustic® Acoustical Pads

Blackout Theater Board

Bandit Engineered Wall System

Sound Stop Blanket

Diffusers for Ceilings & Walls

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SOUND proof NEWS: Check out the Masquerade Wall & Ceiling System on the Discovery Channel's Construction Intervention. » read more

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Case Studies MBI Lapendary Panels were installed at the Butler University Hinkle Fieldhouse, which helped reduce the +6.0 reverberation down to manageable levels.

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