San Pan® Sanitary Panels

MBI San Pan 1", 6# (600P-1060-E)

MBI San Pan® PVF sanitary acoustical panels are the only fully-encapsulated panels on the market. San Pan's high-density fiberglass core is extremely sound absorptive, dimensionally stable and water-resistant. It can be installed as a lay-in ceiling tile or a wall-mounted panel.

San Pan is ideally suited for hospitals, clean rooms, commercial and institutional kitchens, food processing and pharmaceutical facilities.

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Thickness Density Construction Edge Detail Finish Suspension
1" 6# Heat Sealed Natural Square PVF Film Extrusion

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Acoustical Performance


Installation Options


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600P-1060-E The San Pan® Sanitary Panels product line.

600P-1060-E 600P-1060-E 600P-1060-E 600P-1060-E 600P-1060-E 600P-1060-E
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