Colorsonix® Floater Panel

MBI Colorsonix Floater 1", 6-7# (1800F-1060-F)

MBI Floating Acoustical Islands are a highly effective treatment for reduction of sound reflection in reverberant spaces. The Floating Island is suspended horizontally from mechanical fasteners that are factory mounted to the back of the panel.

The Floating Island is an acoustical oasis from the harsh reflective surfaces in a loud reverberant space, putting you on the ultimate acoustical vacation.

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Thickness Density Construction Edge Detail Finish Suspension
1" 6-7# Chemically Hardened Square/Beveled/Rounded Polyester Fabric Floater Track

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Acoustical Performance


Installation Options


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1800F-1060-F The Colorsonix® Floater Panel product line.

1800F-1060-F 1800F-1060-F 1800F-1060-F
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Room dimensions:
L: W: H:   feet   meters

Desired reverberation time
1.5 sec (text/speech)   2.0 sec (music)

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