Cloud-Lite® Acoustical Baffles

The Perfect Solution for Large Volume Spaces

Cloud-Lite® Acoustical Baffles

MBI pioneered the original Cloud-Lite® Acoustical Baffle over 45 years ago, and today offers the most complete line of acoustical baffles.

Cloud-Lite Baffles are designed to solve acoustical problems in any large cubic volume space such as arenas, gymnasiums, natatoriums, theaters, restaurants, offices, corridors, kennels, and industrial buildings for OSHA compliance.

Cloud-Lite Baffles are easily suspended from ceilings, bar joists, horizontally stretched cable, or pre-engineered suspension systems. Cloud-Lite Baffles can be arranged to create different architectural effects, depending on the desired end use of the space, and integrate exceptionally well with existing lighting and HVAC systems.

These highly-effective acoustical products are Class A, lightweight, cost-efficient, and easy to install, making them the industry's most practical solution to noise control.

Product Offerings

Description Construction Finish Suspension NRC SKU  

PVC 1", 3# Heat Sealed PVC Film Grommet Panel / Grommet Flap 1.07 2600P-1030-GGF Briefcase
PVC 2", 1.65# Heat Sealed PVC Film Grommet Panel / Grommet Flap 1.15 2600P-2065-GGF Briefcase
Sailcloth 2", 3# Sewn Nylon Sailcloth Grommet/Flap 1.35 2800S-2030-GF Briefcase
Sailcloth 2", 1.65# Sewn Nylon Sailcloth Grommet Panel / Grommet Flap 1.35 2800S-2065-GGF Briefcase
PVC 1.5", 1.5# Heat Sealed PVC Film Grommet Panel / Grommet Flap 1.0 2600P-1515-GGF Briefcase
PVC 2", 3# Heat Sealed PVC Film Grommet/Flap 1.25 2600P-2030-GF Briefcase
Fabric 1", 3# Sewn Fabric Grommet Panel / Grommet Flap 1.05 2800F-1030-GGF Briefcase
Fabric 1", 6-7# Sewn Fabric Eyehooks 1.05 2800F-1060-E Briefcase
Fabric 2", 6-7# Sewn Fabric Eyehooks 1.4 2800F-2060-E Briefcase
Fabric 2", 1.65# Sewn Fabric Grommet Panel / Grommet Flap 1.4 2800F-2065-GGF Briefcase
Sailcloth 1", 3# Sewn Nylon Sailcloth Grommet Panel / Grommet Flap 1.05 2800S-1030-GGF Briefcase
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Case Studies MBI Lapendary Panels were installed at the Butler University Hinkle Fieldhouse, which helped reduce the +6.0 reverberation down to manageable levels.

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