Acoustics Calculator

Room Acoustics is the study of the effects of sound in a room in relation to the overall desired sound quality of that room. Taking into account any existing acoustical properties of the room, one can take some simple room measurements to calculate the amount of sound absorption that can be added to the room to achieve the desired acoustical environment. Please refer to our room acoustics calculator document for more information on how to determine your specific reverberation goals.


There is no substitute for an Acoustical Consultant, this calculator is a elementary tool to help determine your basic needs. Please contact us for help in finding your local Acoustical Consultant.

MBI's Sound Fact Tip

The maximum reverberation time for clear speech is about 2 seconds. When reverberation time exceeds 2 seconds, speech becomes increasingly more difficult to understand and finally becomes unintelligible at reverberation times of 4 to 10 seconds. Speech intelligibility improves as reverberation time decreases below 2 seconds.The ideal for classrooms or lecture spaces is actually lower than 1 second.