Blackout Theater Board

Blackout 1", 1.5# (1000Tb-1015-O)

MBI Theater Board is intended for a space where the client is trying to achieve excellent acoustics while keeping a cost effective budget in mind. Theater Board comes in a wide variety of thicknesses and densities to meet any acoustical need. The matte black finish is non-light reflective and is the ideal application for a blacked out wall or ceiling. Theater Board can be easily installed directly to the roof deck, mounted to the wall, or dropped into a standard lay-in grid system. MBI Theater Board is ideal for recording studios, broadcast booths, home theaters, walls of arena bowls and any other application where a blacked out surface with great sound absorption is desirable. MBI Theater Board is constructed of a rigid, or semi-rigid, Ecose® core that is self-supporting and will not sag over time. It has a flat, or matte, black fiberglass scrim facing that enhances the sound absorption.

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Thickness Density Construction Edge Detail Finish Suspension
1" 1.5# Faced Natural Square Matte Black Washer plates, stick pins

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Acoustical Performance


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