Sound Stop Blanket

MLV Septum 2", 1# (3000S-2010-S)

MBI Sound Stop Blanket prevents sound transmissions between rooms with its ultimate sound-stopping power.

Acoustical elements absorb sound on both sides of the blanket while a mass loaded vinyl septum prevents the sound from traveling through to the other side.

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Thickness Density Construction Edge Detail Finish Suspension
2" 1# Sewn Natural Nylon Sailcloth Stiffener + Screw Down

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Acoustical Performance


Installation Options


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3000S-2010-S The Sound Stop Blanket product line.

3000S-2010-S 3000S-2010-S
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Room dimensions:
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Desired reverberation time
1.5 sec (text/speech)   2.0 sec (music)

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