Shadow-Coustic® Acoustical Pads

MBI Shadow-Coustic Pad 1", 3# (1000P-1030-N)

MBI original Shadow-Coustic® Acoustical Pads are guaranteed to provide maximum acoustical performance. They are available encapsulated in any color PVC or they can simply be faced when optimal sanitary conditions are not necessary. Shadow-Coustic Pads are intended for use with perforated metal ceilings, wood ceilings, or linear paraline ceilings. All MBI Shadow-Coustic Pads are fire rated Class A per ASTM E-84 25/50.

Thicknesses, densities, and color finishes are limitless. We will manufacture Shadow-Coustic Pads in any way to meet your specific design needs. Our Pads are compression packaged which reduces freight, jobsite storage, and labor requirements.

Let Shadow-Coustic Pads be the cost effective, hassle-free solution to your next project.

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Thickness Density Construction Edge Detail Finish Suspension
1" 3# Heat Sealed Natural Square PVC Film By Others

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Acoustical Performance


Installation Options


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1000P-1030-N The Shadow-Coustic® Acoustical Pads product line.

1000P-1030-N 1000P-1030-N 1000P-1030-N 1000P-1030-N
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Room dimensions:
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Desired reverberation time
1.5 sec (text/speech)   2.0 sec (music)

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