Diffusers for Ceilings & Walls

MBI Barrel Diffuser 1/8", N/A (MBWDA-T)

Diffusers improve the sound in a room by absorbing unwanted sounds and reflecting the remaining sounds. The end result is a listening environment that is ideal for instrumental performances or any type of presentation where slight reverberation is complimentary to the overall sound. Both barrel and pyramidal diffusers are available in a number of sizes and are simple to install.

MBI Diffusers are constructed of thermoformed fire resistant plastic that is molded into either a barrel shape or an offset pyramidal shape. Crisp, finished edges and corners can be achieved by applying fabric directly to the face. Additionally, sound absorption can be improved by adding an inner layer of 1-1-2” thick fiberglass batts.

MBI Diffusers are available in a textured white gel coat surface that can also be covered with fabric for a finished look. Barrel diffusers normally have faceted ends. All sizes of barrel diffusers can be specified with long dimension facets.

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Thickness Density Construction Edge Detail Finish Suspension
1/8" N/A Thermoformed Copolymer Square Textured White Two-Part Clip System/Velcro

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MBWDA-T The Diffusers for Ceilings & Walls product line.

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