Bandit Engineered Wall System

MBI Bandit Panel 6", L.D. FG (8000P-6075-F)

The MBI Bandit Panel is specifically engineered to solve low-frequency acoustical problems often found in places of worship—such as churches, temples and mosques. The unique design of the MBI Bandit Panel allows it to absorb sound at the hard-to-reach low frequencies that other acoustical products cannot. The sound engineer can alleviate many acoustical problems by incorporating the MBI Bandit Panel in the initial design of the acoustical wall system. The Bandit Panel is installed between the studs on either 16” or 24” centers, then an acoustically transparent face is used as the decorative finish, eliminating the need for drywall. This design significantly reduces costs and enhances the design and performance of the space. Like many of our products, the MBI Bandit Panel system was designed in collaboration with a leading acoustical consultant.

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Thickness Density Construction Edge Detail Finish Suspension
6" L.D. FG Heat Sealed Natural Low Frequency Tuned Vinyl Friction Fit

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8000P-6075-F The Bandit Engineered Wall System product line.

8000P-6075-F 8000P-6075-F
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