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In commercial spaces where proper sound management is of critical importance, MBI has been at the forefront of acoustics innovation for over 50 years. In fact, we've designed and manufactured many of the products used today, from Cloud-Lite® Acoustical Baffles to Lapendary® Panels. MBI acoustical products provide a practical, decorative solution to noise control for all types of buildings, including such large facilities as Arenas and Convention Centers to smaller facilities such as Schools, Churches, Audio/Visual Studios, and Restaurants.

The MBI team is comprised of innovators, creative engineers and problem solvers, each with the deep expertise to create cost-effective, custom sound solutions for your unique environment. We work closely with our clients to ensure cost-effective solutions that perform beyond their expectations.

Sound Reputation

MBI will continue to build on our strong reputation as pioneers in the accoustical products industry by remaining true to the values that we’ve honored since 1965. We’ll continue to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients by:

  • maintaining collaborative working relationships and delivering an exceptional level of service
  • providing quality products that creatively and cost-effectively solve their sound management needs
  • by being honest, fair and practical in all that we do

As industry leaders, we’ll continue to improve our existing products and methods, and strive to keep quality and service at the forefront of our deliverables. And most of all, we’ll continue creating innovative solutions that address the unique needs of today’s building demands.

Our sales staff is eager to answer any questions you may have about our products. For more help or to receive samples, please visit our contact page.

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